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About Us


Experienced doctors equipped with the right tools.  20 years has taught us that a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment together with a full team of support staff are needed to bring you the best. 


Addlife’s multi-disciplinary team of experienced doctors will work with you to identify any health problems and help develop a personalized strategy for enhancing and prolonging life.

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Addlife Total Check-Up Center is fully equipped with the latest imaging devices for in-depth evaluations. We have an MRI Scan, CT Scan, Ultrasounds, X-Ray, Mammogram, Bone Density Scan, Audiogram, Eye Glaucoma Screening and many more. Our comprehensive Cardiac Evaluation Unit has EKG, Exercise Stress Test, Echocardiography, Heart Scan(CT Calcium Score), Arterial Stiffness and VO2Max Test.  We look at the Brain using MRI and MRA to see brain blood vessels, we can even measure the blood flow to your brain.

Our check-up programs are designed to:

  • Identify potential health problems or disease states

  • Assess health risk factors and provide a plan to reduce them

  • Facilitate prompt treatment when indicated

  • Promote wellness through dietary and fitness advice

  • Optimize health through anti-aging

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